Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Yard Decoration Scary Hanging Bats, These are really cute. in my opinion

The week ago. I search for information on the Halloween Yard Decoration Scary Hanging Bats, so i would like to describe here.

Halloween Yard Decoration Scary Hanging

This Halloween yard decoration is cut from black corrugated plastic this allows both sides and edges to be completely black. Set also includes a variety set of eyes. The eyes are vinyl stickers that can be applied by you. We also include 24 c-hooks with strings for easy installation into trees drop ceilings and more. Each string measures 8' and has a metal-barbed end opposite .... Read more or Check Price

Customer Reviews Purchased this product

Made of plastic poor stuff but it worked well hanging high. The eyes are normal adhesives should glow in the dark for better performance . by Stela Carmen C. Otero

Quick Delivery. "I ordered Monday night and received Friday ' morning""Ho ordinato Lunedi notte e ricevetti Giovedi 'mattina""""""it""I ordered"1truefalse984020"Monday night"2truefalse799240"and received"3truefalse629460"Friday"4truefalse472670"'"5truetrue472780"morning"6falsefalse472890"Ho ordinato"1"I ordered"984truefalse"Ordered"0truefalse"I ordered it"0truefalse"I have ordered"0truefalse"I ordered the"0truefalse011"Ho ordinato Lunedi notte e ricevetti Giovedi 'mattina""Lunedi notte"2"Monday night"799truefalse"on Monday night"1truefalse1224"""e ricevetti"3"and received"629truefalse"and I received"3truefalse2536"""Giovedi"4"Friday"472truefalse"on Thursday"295truefalse"Thursday"207truefalse"Tuesday"0truefalse"Monday"0truefalse3744"""'"5"'"472truetrue4546"""mattina"6"morning"472falsefalse"the morning"0falsefalse"mornings"0falsefalse"in the morning"0falsefalse4653"""Ho ordinato Luned notte e ricevetti Gioved 'mattina"6"it"81. The bats are thick flat black cardboard. Port eyes as adhesives that stick out. by DeeReYES

These bats were exactly what I was looking for. They are so cute hanging from our tree. I could not get the clip to hang my limbs but it was easier to adjust the binding ... by Greg McGill

These decorations are really well done. They are robust and most likely I will be able to use next year. In addition I appreciate the fact that they are made up of a small business. by Dorota Balaban


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