Monday, October 27, 2014

The Sims 3 Seasons, Sims Season always a great addition in my opinion

The few days ago. I search for information on the The Sims 3 Seasons, so i would like to describe here.

The Sims 3 Seasons

Let your Sims swim in the ocean on a hot summer day bob for apples in the autumn leaves test their snowboarding skill on the half pipe or welcome spring showers with a walk in the rain and a colorful umbrella. All-new activities like soccer and big seasonal festivals and celebrations bring the spirit of each season to life. Your Sims can pucker up at the kissing booth at the .... Read more or Check Price

Comments from other users

This will be a Christmas gift and I know that you love him. Seasons Sims is always a great addition . by Teresa Cox

I just got this game I know I'm super late haha. Anyway I love the sims and I played for 7 years and I think I'm totally addicted by BabyJulyMummy

"My daughter and I love this game ""Mia figlia e amo questo gioco """"""Even tho I lost three people from a lightning strike LOL""Anche tho ho perso 3 persone da un fulmine LOL""""""it""My daughter"1truefalse768020"and I love"2truefalse625250"this game"3truefalse531580"Even tho"9truefalse871021"I lost"10truefalse900241"three"11truefalse358451"people"12truefalse358561"from"13truefalse307671"a lightning strike"14truefalse2497101"LOL"15truefalse78410111"Mia figlia"1"My daughter"768truefalse"Daughter"0truefalse"My child"0truefalse010"Mia figlia e amo questo gioco ""e amo"2"and I love"625truefalse"and I like"0truefalse"and I love to"0truefalse"and love to"0truefalse1116"""questo gioco "3"this game"531truefalse"this game"0truefalse1731"""Anche tho"9"Even tho"871truefalse"Even tho it"0truefalse09"Anche tho ho perso 3 persone da un fulmine LOL""ho perso"10"I lost"900truefalse"I have lost"4truefalse"I missed"0truefalse1018"""3"11"three"358truefalse"3"111truefalse"the 3rd"0truefalse"the third"0truefalse1920"""persone"12"people"358truefalse"persons"0truefalse"people in"0truefalse"person"0truefalse2128"""da"13"from"307truefalse"to"67truefalse"by"0truefalse"to be"0truefalse"of"0truefalse2931"""un fulmine"14"a lightning strike"249truefalse"lightning"17truefalse"lightening"0truefalse"a thunderbolt"0truefalse"a lightning bolt"0truefalse3242"""LOL"15"LOL"784truefalse4346"""Mia figlia e amo questo gioco Anche t'ho ho perso 3 persone da un fulmine LOL"6"it"76. We spend hours in the winter Sims game . by karen gaydos

I love this I have some ' problems with the opening of the launcher but I think it's my fault portable. anyone love this game fast shipping too by Morgan


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